Peace Among Mankind

Today President Obama made a speech before the UN in which he said that no God would condone the actions of the group ISIL and he made the case for nations around the globe to come together to co-operate in the fight against ISIL, the ebola outbreak, and combating climate change. He also said that nations should all strive together for greater global health security. While the Presidents aspirations for greater co-operation among the nations of Earth is very commendable, I have to tell you, Mr. President and other leaders around the world, you can’t exploit, bomb, and kill your way to global peace and co-operation. Just as no God would be pleased with the behavior of ISIL, I’m sure no God would be happy with the long history of exploitation and killing of people around the globe by rich nations such the U.S. and those in the European Union. Mr. President and other world leaders, if you really desire to improve the behavior between nations and people around the globe, I suggest you all put your money where your mouths are and come together to spend five or ten trillion dollars on weaning our civilization from its self-destructive addiction to petroleum. Such an effort would also go a considerable distance in the global effort to lesson climate change, and it would improve enormously the health of people around the planet, so you’d all get three chickens in the pot for the price of one. ‘Can’t argue with that.


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