Most of the people
I’ve met over the years
have been peace loving humans
who had no desire to kill anyone
but many of them were also children
of their society and the sad truth
of it is that America is a country
that has been militarized
for over seventy years now.
We’ve long been immersed
in a cultural fog of fear, and wars
small and big, overt or undeclared.
You gotta know countries around the world
can’t bomb themselves into peace
and the citizens of many countries
find themselves in the impossible
position of being for wars
and for peace at the same time.

Wake up! Wake up people!
Peace doesn’t mean you’re going to be
peaceful only until the next time
the talking heads on the wide screen TV
tell you it’s time to go exploit, bomb and shoot
the next bunch of people into the ground.
You know exactly what peace means.
Peace is just that; The absence of war.

The distance between
where we are right now
and a peaceful Earth
is not as far as you might think.
Peace, my friends, lays
in the laps of two groups of people.
It resides with a few hundred leaders
around the world who steer the decisions
of the big corporations and countries.
Some leader some time is going to
have to stand up an say that the slaughter
stops with them and extend the hand of peace
to one and all around the world
because war only leads to more war
history has shown us all that.
It also resides with the world public
who refuse to show up
when they open the next war
for the business of killing.

Dewey Dirks


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