Hear our Song

Hear Our Song

We all live in an astounding moment in time.
Never before in the history of our species
have so many people been so connected to each other.
Never before have we all been as able
to tell one another about our lives, our hopes,
aspirations, worries, and our dreams for humanity.
Never before have we all been so able
to pass on knowledge and wisdom among ourselves.

Never before in the history of our species
have the governments and companies
we’ve created been handed such a powerful means
of surveillance and monitoring of all aspects of our lives.

Never before in the history of our species
has our technological prowess
been expanding at such a astounding rate.
Never before has our species had such a profound
impact upon the entire biosphere of Mother Earth.
Never before in the history of our species
has the question of our continued existence
been so unsettled by the consequences
of our own behavior.

Never before has as the potential for finding solutions
to the problems facing humanity been given so completely
into the hands of each and everyone of us.

Sometime in the next one-hundred and fifty years
we will have passed a crucial crossroads in human evolution.
Depending upon which path we have chosen,
our civilization will either utterly fail
and we will have to start over from scratch,
or we will have learned to peacefully co-exist
here on Mother Earth with all our brother and sister lifeforms;
We will have learned to use our existence
as benefactors and custodians of our grand biosphere.

Everyone alive today
is living at an absolutely crucial time for our species.
It is upon us and the next few generations
to determine the question of whether our civilization
will continue on or perish in the sands of time.
In order to give the best chances to the hard work
the next few generations will face,
it is essential that the generation living right now
give the very best advice,
knowledge and wisdom that we can
to those who come after us.

The say, my friends, that desperate times
require furious dancing—
Anyone and everyone who is creative
in any fashion whatsoever
must let the songs of their creativity now be heard.

Now is the time to bring our voices together.
Now is the time to reach far into the diversity of our cultures
and far into the wisdom of our heritage.
Now is the time for the grand sum of human ingenuity,
technological genius, and artistic creativity
to sing so strongly that the most distant stars
deep, deep in the silver dusted night sky
hear our luminous song.

Dewey Dirks


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