Returning to Yourself

Returning to Yourself

As you return to yourself
you realize a few things.
First, you have something iridescent,
indivisible, and eternal within you—
A brilliant blue spark of life
that makes you into you
and that spark is something pretty special.
Second, you realize that
everything alive everywhere
carry similar sparks within them
that are just as special.

Don’t pretend to know what the divine is
when you don’t have any idea what you are.
Look around yourself,
and look around the world
until you discover the discontent
that runs deep in your being
urging you to strive.
Explore until you discover
the great ocean of love and compassion
that runs in you deeper still.
Look around until you find
the wondrous mystery
that permeates all you look upon
and everything you never see.

Remember friend, you can create
out of dissatisfaction.
You can create out of the love of creation,
and you can create to explore the endless seas.
Remember always that creation is the point
where right-here-and-right-now
meets with fantasy.

Dewey Dirks


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