The greatest challenge
every person faces in life
isn’t about how many things
he can accumulate
or how much knowledge
he can amass.
It’s about how well
he treats his fellow humans
and how well he treats
the animals we share
our planet with.

The great question
before all mankind
is how to co-exist
with the rest of nature
while seeing to the welfare
of all the members
of our own kind
without destroying
our biosphere.

We are a very young species
just learning how to walk
The challenge, my friends
Is how to travel
long and peacefully through
the halls of life
without wrecking mayhem
along the path
and tripping
over our own two feet
all the time.

The idea that many of us
must suffer through life
so that a few don’t
is a fools answer
to the challenge.

Dewey Dirks


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