Suiting Your Journey

Suiting Your Journey

All my life no matter where I’ve lived
I’ve always had the good fortune
to have a few friends with whom
I could occupy my time,
and I don’t mind a good conversation
with a stranger now and then either
but the sort of passions I have in life—
Mysticism, anthropology,
philosophy and writing,
have made me a loner as well.

I don’t think any writer ever writes
anything down without the intention
of having it read; I’ve long said
that written words are not complete
until they’ve been read by at least one other.
In the end writing is a social endeavor.
Likewise philosophy dictates the you acquaint
yourself with as many people as you can
and then form ideas that say useful things
about all of mankind,
and so, it too, is a social effort.
But to be a philosopher or writer
worth half a spit, you also gotta enjoy
a lot of wandering wide and far
in the solitude your thoughts and your heart.

One strange thing I’ve noticed over the years
is that long, long before I realized any of that,
I had arraigned my life in such a way
that I could be all alone with my thoughts
some of the time and well surrounded by
people some of the time.

I think that pretty much everyone is like that.
Whenever at all possible, we each arrange our lives
to suit the paths we have chosen.
Not only that, we do much of the arranging
long before we are ever consciously aware
of what path we’re on, or what arrangements
might best suit our journey.

Dewey Dirks


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