Two Minds

Two Minds

Every person you ever meet
has two minds
it’s true as a summer day is long.
First is the mind,
conscious and unconscious,
we use every day
in our trials and striving
with dollars, doughnuts,
fears, gripes, hopes
and day-to-day struggles.

Then, deep inside each of us
living in our souls,
reaching out from our hearts,
is who we really are—
A mind as understanding, compassionate,
brilliant, wise, fearless and kind
as anyone who has ever lived.
It whispers often to your intuition
and is capable of such great presence
it can cause miracles
great and small to happen.

when you are all alone
with someone talking
and your hearts touch
or when the stakes you face
are so ultimately dire
they reach clear through your entire being,
your everyday mind steps aside
and for awhile, your second mind awakes
to shine more brightly
than a June sky sun.

Dewey Dirks


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