Dreamtime Sea

Dreamtime Sea

A wise man once said
Humanity is a vast ocean
If a few drops are dirty
it doesn’t spoil
the whole sea

There are stormy waters
and water that flows
very, very calm
on the dreamtime sea

Ideas, ideas
swim all around
in our heads
Many dream of do’s and dont’s
Others dream
of a better humanity
Still others
fret and toss nervously
in their sleep

It’s not where we are right now
that tells the tale
but the direction
the water is headed
that is important to see
Look around, look around
You and I cannot be
the only two good people
in the dreamtime sea

The river’s are rising
The river’s are rising
We cannot stop it
even if we wanted to
It’s not the bad ones
to look for
but the kindness
of people every day
that defines humanity

We all are part of a great
dreamtime sea asleep
There are many
who are wise and kind
flowing gently in their slumber
while others toss and tumble
like stormy waves
breaking white foam
on the moon light beach

Dread not
the long journey, my friend
Who wakes from slumber
is frightened no more
by the dreamtime sea

Dewey Dirks


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