Happy Valentines Day!!

Love is the Voice

Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Pair Of Hearts

Her name sounds like a wildflower
She has a man who smiles when he sees her each day
And tells her of his long travels
Taken to learn more of life’s strange play

She is wise in the ways of caring
She is wise in the ways of the world
She is wise in the ways mice and men
She is wise is the ways of kids and cats
She knows how to scold
Knows how to mend
She knows how to be serious
Knows what is fun
She knows how to touch the current of life in everyone

She loves her man powerfully
She loves him strong
She loves him deep in the night
She loves him all the day long

He wanders near
He wanders far
He wanders the world
Listening to life’s melodious song
He’s seen many things happen
And can tell many a tale
About the wide river that nudges and twirls us all
Like leaves bumping gently together
As we float in the kind eddy of distant falls

Now of all the wonders he has happened to see
None are so dear to him
As his lady’s tender touch and his lady’s lilting song
Drawing him home at night
Loving him powerfully
Loving him strong

DD and EC
From “Wildflower,” by Dewey Dirks
This one is for you Laino


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