Gifts and On Your Sleeves


If my life has taught me any truths at all
They are three—
That there is no greater freedom
Than that presented by uncertainty,
That there is no greater comfort
Than that given by love,
And that the Universe offers us all
Auspicious and abundant quantities of both

It seems to me
That the only real tricks in life
Are to become unafraid
Of accepting these gifts
And to become aware
Of how fantastically precious they are


On Your Sleeves

Keep your eyes and mind open
And your heart and soul
Out on your sleeves
Friendship and love
Are always looking
And when they find you
You never know
Exactly where you might be

Dewey Dirks


7 comments on “Gifts and On Your Sleeves

  1. daverats says:

    On our sleeves indeed and through our eyes to sow our understanding indeed. Profound writing Dewey, appreciated and applauded

  2. lengesinski says:

    Both are wonderful pieces, but I do love ‘On Your Sleeves’.

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