There have been times in my life
When I’ve felt unspeakable pain and fear
And times when I’ve seen
Those whom I love
Suffer mind breaking pain as well
While I watched, unable to help
Of the two, I can tell you
The second is far, far worse

I’ve known love with another
That runs so deep in our souls
It will never know death
I’ve also seen and felt
To the very core of my existence
The simple joy
That quietly lives in all things
Like a pond of pure, clear water
And I’ve listened to something
Of the great lilting melody
To which all life moves

Joseph Campbell once said
“Find a place inside where there’s joy,
And the joy will burn out the pain”
Which, I think, are very wise words
That couldn’t be more true

When I was a young man
Hanging out with my dad,
When he was talking
Every once in awhile
He would become so emotional
That he’d almost burst into tears
At the time, I didn’t know
There was no shame in it
And I was embarrassed by his openness

Now, many years have gone by
I’ve crossed many deep canyons,
Danced grand dances
With those whom I love very much
And I’ve climbed many mountain tops,
And, I too, find myself with tears
In my eyes welling sometimes when I talk
And now I know what dad
Was feeling way back then;
His tears were memories
Of the dances he’d danced
Dropping by to visit him

Dewey Dirks


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