They say that life begins at forty.
before that is practice.
In my experience,
that’s true.
As time has passed by,
one of the things
that has surprised
me most is how much
I knew by thirty
and how little of it
I realized that I knew
at the time.

In many ways,no man or woman
ever grows older
than eighteen.
After you take care
of all the business
each day,
spend the rest
of your time
being as young
as you can.

You knew best how to love another
by the time
you were six years old.
Most people
spend much of the rest
of their lives re-learning
how to love
that well again.

As the years roll on one of the best
things you can learn
is how to take
your own advice.
One of the best things
to remember
is what it was like
to be a kid.

Each day, spend time
doing three things—
working or creating something,
doing something fun
to entertain yourself,
and talking
to someone you love.
If you are able,
make your work
the same thing
as your play.

Everyone arrives at a fork in the road
in their late twenties,
again in their forties,
and yet again
in their fifties.
Each time, one path
leads to stagnation
while the other
leads to a frontier.
Each time, if you take
the wrong path,
you’ll find yourself
in a ditch
and climbing out of it
will be the only way
to move on.

As the years roll on
if you keep
learning and loving,
you’ll grow older
but your heart
will never grow old.
The years
weigh down;
No mind,
it’s just ballast
for flight.
Learning and love
have wings.

Dewey Dirks


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