The Song

The Song

You can hear it in the morning
brewing in the coffee pot
As you sit at the kitchen table at dawn
Later in the day, when you’re busy at work
You can hear it in the rustle of papers down at the copy machine
And though you’re too involved think about it
Still, you dance along
You can hear it when your wife calls at noon
You say “I was just thinking of you”
And she says “I just thought I’d call”

You can see it in a dogs eye
And in the toes of a tiny kittens paw
You can feel it in the hand of a stranger
As he helps you up from sidewalk
After an icy night fall
Just as you can feel it in the smooth wooden handles
Of old, well worn tools

You can taste it in a freshly cooked cob of corn
Or in the water from a hose
Out in the yard down at the farm
It’s the nothing
That makes everything whole
And the something that fills the cool air
Of empty beaches and elementary schoolyards
That makes you want to visit
On Sunday afternoons

Everything that lives, everything that is
Dances a grand dance
And sings a grand song
Living is music
And the secret in life
Is to listen for the melody
And then sing along

If ever you wondered at the gossip
Of a bushy brown squirrel
Or sat in the car with your girlfriend
Outside the airport for two hours one afternoon
Watching 737’s take off
You’ve noticed for awhile
A few of the notes in life’s long song
And felt the gentle rhythm
That nudges and twirls us all

You’ll never know where you’re going
Unless you can tell where you’ve been
To know where you are right now
You have to learn to appreciate
The things that are right in front of you

Dewey Dirks


Open Windows

Open Windows

I sit sipping my coke
And the moments slowly
Swim by me and and through my mind
The waitress and bartender
Come by from time to time
As we talk idly, I smile outwardly
Because I really enjoy their conversation
And smile inwardly too because I can see
Their soul sparking in their eyes

I don’t really know when the storm passed
But now I find myself in a new sort of storm
This one is much different than before—
It’s made of a beauty and joy,
Anticipations and sweet innuendo,
Happenstance and coincidence,
Moving now slowly, now quickly
Past me and through me all around
Full of enigma and mystery
Sweet to taste and soft to touch
Now, when I look at someone
Sometimes I see their joy
Other times I see their pain
Reaching out to touch me
Through the open windows of their souls
I know that when we touch, it increases
The joy and softens the pain
And I know that it’s really not the storm
That has changed so much as my eyes

Dewey Dirks



One day, my friend
Perhaps much sooner
Than you think,
You will spread wide wings
That until that moment
You won’t even know you have
And you will soar


Empty and Full

Love is an eternal vessel
That is forever empty
Yet endlessly full
At the same time

There is no such thing
As having no love
Because it is
Gifted upon you
By virtue of living
Though sometimes
It remains hidden
By your own fear
And ignorance

Look deep, deep
To the emptiness inside
The breath of life
Fills it with love
Just now,
And all of the time

It is always empty
So it can forever
Accept the love
Given to you by others
And yet is always full
So you can
Eternally give
Your love away

Dewey Dirks

A Little About Love

A Little About Love

There are a few things
You need to know about love—
It precedes pretty much everything else
And is the strongest force in the Universe
From where it comes, no one knows
It is a vessel that is
Empty and full at the same time
And if you begin to give it away
It can never be exhausted
It is gifted upon every creature that lives,
And it is with you always
If you are willing to look

The humans heart is big enough
To hold many different sorts of love
And it can keep the love
For many not just a few
Love can cross the deep valleys of death
And is so powerful
It can even overcome human stupidity
When you begin to understand all that,
Pretty much everything you do
Will be much easier

Dewey Dirks

Listen To The Rolling Wind

Listen to the Rolling Wind

Rest easy your heavy brow
On a moonlit night
Listen to the rolling wind
Deep in the tall green trees
There together,
Your heart and the wind
And the trees long sing songs
Of the grand dances of life to you

On a moonlit night
Listen to the rolling wind
Deep in the tall green trees
There to be heard
Are tales of great hardship
And terrible strife
And of the overcoming of all of it
There to be heard are songs
Of grand voyages
On vast seas uncharted
Full of wonders unknown

Rest easy your heavy brow
On a moonlit night
Listen to the rolling wind
Deep in the tall green trees
There to be heard
Are songs of a great love
Long and deep and true

On a moonlit night
Listen to the rolling wind
Deep in the tall green trees
There you can find yourself,
Your love, and the Universe
Singing to you in the ginger breeze

Dewey Dirks