First Time Home

First Time Home

Each morning
I sit at the kitchen table
And watch in silent amazement
As the city slowly shakes off its sleep
My soul
Is a clear, living, liquid crystal
It prisms the white sunlight
Washing the morning
Into rich, rainbow color waves
Across my minds eye

A blackbird flies by to perch
On the playground fence across the way
And for a little while, together we share
The coming day

Early morning light
Moves around us and through us,
Quietly painting
A new days silent love
Across desert stucco tan buildings,
Gently swaying green tree leaves,
And into the kaleidoscope sky
Like a fresh, rinsing bath
Its touch is softer than a whisper
And its taste is a hint
Of bees honey and ginger spice

I know the roads I’ve taken
Took a wide turn some time back
I didn’t know where they were headed
But I really like what I can see and touch
And it’s not like I ever really knew
Where I these roads would lead
When I started out so long ago
But I know now what they mean
When they say that you travel far
Until you finally return home
And see it for the first time

I remember mornings like these
Long, long ago—
Many times I watched them
Worlds away
Never knowing what I was seeing

Dewey Dirks


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