Water Flower

Water Flower

There are bits
Of randomness and uncertainty
Built into you and I and all things
Creativity arises from the dance between
Those parts of us that are uncertain
And those parts of us
That seek to paint order

Bedtime stories
Like the one that says our Universe
Suddenly sprang into existence
Out of nothing in the middle of nowhere
In a giant bang for no good reason
Or the one that says
God and a bunch of his angels
Created the Universe in four days
Out of copious amounts mud,
A big ball of box string,
And some of those red doilies
That his wife uses in her hair
Are tales we tell each other
So we can pretend we actually know

Our creativity, the life we each breathe,
And our Universe itself, I think,
Are birthed as emergent behavior
—Recursive words of action
In the mysterious language of eternity
Born of Kodachrome fractals,
Kaleidoscopic randomness
And a distant, hidden, grand order

Each of our lives is much more a matter
Of the thoughts we think,
What we feel in our hearts,
And the joy, sadness, and laughter in our souls
Than it is anything of physical existence

And our world?
It is a water flower
Bloomed of sprouting seed
Sweet love, immense thunderstorms
And brilliant sunlight
In a quiet eddy of a deep blue pond
In a land vast beyond imagination
Full of happenings
That have nothing to do
With any of us

Dewey Dirks


2 comments on “Water Flower

  1. rochelle says:

    so beauitful dewey

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