Normally we all believe
it is us who experience life,
and we each build
well lived lives
by accumulating scores
of memorable moments.
So, when you experience life
in some special way, you say,
“For me, it’s been
a memorable moment.”

But every once in great awhile,
you have an experience
where it seems that Nature herself
takes time out of her busy, busy day
to pay attention just to you.
When life experiences you in this way
it becomes something mystical.

When comes the day you realize
Nature is always
experiencing you in this way
just as you are experiencing her.
When comes the day
you find that both you and the world
are forever as young lovers,
meeting in a vast, vast sea
of happenstance and coincidence,
falling in love just now,
discovering each other,
over and over again, every day,
then you’re a mystic.

Dewey Dirks

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