Not knowing
what the future
might bring,
the cultures of Man
move naturally together
towards an unknown tomorrow
in an unspoken dance.
Our sounds are the same
as the sound of rain
in stormy darkness
pattering a natural song
all the night long.

Our market economies
and the governments
that support them
one day will outlive
their usefulness
—perhaps sooner than you think,
and fall by the wayside
going the way of
the feudal societies
that once ruled men.
Soon enough we all will stride
to the tune of a new day.

Rest easy friend,
our halting dances,
follow the Earth music
as all others do
on our blue and white sky marble
and the paths that
we men tumble and tussle along
trace the grand song of life
just as flocks of swallows
turn and twist in unison
on their long path south
flying to melodies
that have never been
set to paper.

Dewey Dirks


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