I think everyone has an air about them
A feeling that they give away to others
Like ripples expanding out from a pebble
Dropped into a pond

My wife felt like the strings on a guitar
Tightly strung and full of energy
Able to make the most beautiful
Music for your soul
She had great power all scrunched up
In her tiny frame,
Like the massive energy of a brilliant, bright sun
All packed into tiny hydrogen atoms

You are like a summer afternoon for two
Out on a quiet beach—
Hills with yellow flowers
And green grass off to the north
Leading down to a white blanket of sand
As the ocean blue rolls in with the great rhythm of life
When you laugh and smile it’s like a school of dolphins
Coming up near the shore to jump and play in the water
Blowing bubble-rings for each other.
You have great power too—
I don’t know from where it comes
But it is like a soft breeze out there on the beach
Able to sway time itself with a secret, whispering song

Dewey Dirks


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