Imagine for a minute
How strangely
Arranged the world
We live in might be—
Well, you can be certain
That no matter what
You happen to imagine,
It’s arranged stranger than that

Everything that lives has a soul—
Tiny bits of the divine
Distributed in equal measure
Among many trillions of living beings
When comes the day
You happen into your own soul
You’ll likely think you’ve found God

We all live in a giant sea of life
On a tiny blue dot up in the sky
Life here extends fifty thousand feet
Up into the air
And about eight thousand feet
Down into the ground
Look around my friend, you live
About eight thousand feet
Up from the bottom
In a grand ocean of souls
And most of us live our entire lives
Without ever knowing it

Pretty much everything
In the Universe is connected
To everything else
In a vast, vast, intricately woven
Sea of connections
And those goofy little ditties
Of creativity that we call intelligence
Are just the ability
Of our minds
To notice and utilize
The tiny, tiny fraction
Of all those connections
That we are adapted and able
To find relevant
And the links of causation
We’ve built our sciences
And logic around?
Those are just special cases
Of inference that we’re adapted
To perceive and use

Life is art in motion
An artist is one who is able
To find tiny pieces of what’s enchanted
And put them to paper,
Canvas or string
Though often it remains hidden
By the illusion of our waking dreams
In our Universe, love, humor,
Grace and beauty prevail
And deep in our souls
We each already know it

Dewey Dirks

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