Small Happenings

Small Happenings

Amanda was a young woman,
Very petite and very pretty
Tending bar down at the Inn
Long blond hair and kind words
With a sincere smile
And an honest way about her

I watched her carry ice in from the back
In two five gallon buckets
After she was finished
I said, “You know, you’re the first
Person I’ve seen in quite some time
Who didn’t make that ice
Look like it was heavy.
And you’re just a tiny thing.”
She smiled back and said,
“I study the martial arts
And I’m very strong but it fools people,
‘Cause I’m not very big”

As she turned to help another customer,
I watched her move with the grace
Of a forest cat, lithe and free,
And I thought of tnt—
Which is much force in a little package,
Of swallows who are very small birds
Yet every year fly many thousand of miles
To journey between distant continents
With great strength of wing,
And I thought of how the greatest portions
Of love in life are always found
In the smallest of happenings

Dewey Dirks


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