My cat, Mau Mau, sits at the open door of my home
Thinking cat thoughts, wondering cat sorts of things
As he watches the evening sky
Turn from blue to gray to black
He breathes cat breaths and his heart
Beats with a cat heartbeat

The rhythms his cat thoughts,
Cat breaths and cat heartbeat make
Are their own reason for existing,
And he is comfortable with no more validation for living
Than the life spark coursing through his veins

It is good, I think, every so often,
To strip away from ourselves
All the heavy trappings of our culture,
All the striving, and talking about
What’s gonna be on the TV next week,
And worrying about paying the bills,
Down to the sorts of rhythms our human
Heartbeats and breaths make,
And feel once again for ourselves
That same sort of validation for being alive
That needs no more reason
Than the simple fact that we exist

Dewey Dirks

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