The Ways We Have Fun

The Ways We Have Fun

Many times we think
Of the things we learn in life
In terms of what we are taught
By the strife, struggling and hard times
We each face in life
And many of us think it is only the difficult times
That have anything to teach us
But the lessons all of us can learn
From the ways we each entertain ourselves
Are just as valuable and important

The ways we have fun in life
Point the way to knowing
What we find truly valuable and fulfilling
The ways we have fun in life
Teach us each of laughter,
Of happiness and how to relax
The enjoyment we get in our pleasure time
Show us the way down the path
Of letting ourselves be who we really are

Much of our daily banter and blustering
Is about a supposed maturity
That we imagine to be very adult and serious
When the only real maturity to be found
Is in the journey back
To the sort of acceptance and love
That you knew how to have
When you were four years old
In the end, all any of us hope,
All any of use are,
And that all we aspire to be
Are the children of infinity

Dewey Dirks

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