Not knowing
what the future
might bring,
the cultures of Man
move naturally together
towards an unknown tomorrow
in an unspoken dance.
Our sounds are the same
as the sound of rain
in stormy darkness
pattering a natural song
all the night long.

Our market economies
and the governments
that support them
one day will outlive
their usefulness
—perhaps sooner than you think,
and fall by the wayside
going the way of
the feudal societies
that once ruled men.
Soon enough we all will stride
to the tune of a new day.

Rest easy friend,
our halting dances,
follow the Earth music
as all others do
on our blue and white sky marble
and the paths that
we men tumble and tussle along
trace the grand song of life
just as flocks of swallows
turn and twist in unison
on their long path south
flying to melodies
that have never been
set to paper.

Dewey Dirks




When Nature gave
Humans the potential
to destroy the ecosystems
of the Earth,
it also gave us the capacity
to preserve them.
Which way is it to be, my friends?
The choice of what we do
with our intelligence and ingenuity
is up to us.

Dewey Dirks

Universe is a Coral

Universe is a Coral

The Universe and the biosphere
Of our Mother Earth are corals
Intricate, colorful and complex,
Yet simple like a rock

Now, a coral is something in and of itself
But it is also a colony
Made of many small lifeforms called polyps,
Each one, something in and of itself
And within every polyp
Is the potential to make a whole coral

A coral would not be the same coral
Without the sum total of all the polyps that it’s made of
Likewise, the Universe and our Earth Mother
Are things incomprehensibly vast in and of themselves
But without each and every one of the ten-thousand trillion
Lives contained therein,
Would not be the same Universe or Earth

Dewey Dirks

Lullabies and Legends

Hi folks 🙂 I’m very happy and honored to tell you my newest book, “Lullabies and Legends” is now available on for immediate sale. A lot of people have been asking me for another book of poetry and this is it. Here is a sample poem and link to the book. It is available for reading on all the current devices like Android phones and tablets, PC’s, Kindles, iPhones and iPads. Make sure to check it out.


Las Vegas is a brightly shining city
That never has any time to sleep
You never really know
Who you might be talking to
Or who you might happen to meet
There is a little place called Palladium Station
Out in the suburbs of that big old town
If you go down there on a Wednesday night
you’ll find Jessie tending bar
I used to drop in to see her
Have a drink and chat from time to time

One night when it was kind of slow
Jessie said to me,
“’Years past I was a dancer
In a brightly lit chorus line
I learned from one of the best there was
She had high hopes for me
We had a lot of mutual respect
I used to really sparkle up there on the stage.
I used to really shine
I had a hope or two of going even farther
‘Had a hope or two of having even more
Of that diamond time
But, you know, life is what happens
While you’re busy making plans
I got a husband and two children
And had to leave that chorus line behind
Now I only dance to teach a few kids
Over at the dancing school”
Jessie stopped to draw a guy a miller
When she came back she smiled and quietly said,
“There’s times in the dark of night as I fall to sleep
I wonder what might have been
If my life had turned out differently
And a little more like I’d planned”

I said, “I am a writer
I make my art with a pen
Jessie, you’re an artist too
And you make art with your body
Like an antelope running across the savanna
Or a tree moving gently in the wind
They say that art is its own point for happening
And improves upon the beauty of the world
Like the stars in the sky at night
Or a sunrise in the morning
Painting the day ahead
They say life has a strange way of happening
It takes you down roads you never expected
And paths that sometimes turn out better
Than you ever could have planned

If your art becomes famous
You get to shine brightly for a few years
Until your limelight begins to fade
Then you spend your time reminiscing
About the glory days behind you
Instead of paying attention to
The time you’ve got left
Show off your art
And you brighten the world for day or two.
But if you teach your art
To the young ones who come after you
You can see your sun rising
A thousand times over
In the long years ahead”

The Sum Of Us

The Sum of Us

We all are taught in our schools
that there is but one reality
we all live in and to which we all must
accept, accommodate, and conform
but this my friend, is only an illusion
that our foolishness and the institutions
of our cultures foster upon us.

Each and every persons perceptions create
a reality of its own, each equal by virtue
of the sweet life flowing in our bodies.
There are seven billion human realities
living now upon Mother Earth…
and millions of whale realities,
millions of dolphin, falcon,
and elephant, realities,
millions of cow and sparrow realities,
billions upon billions of fly,
spider and beetle realities,
and untold scores of microbe realities.

Like vast, vast numbers of poets,
each casting spells with a trillion poems
of love, and sorrow and hope and living,
every individual of every species
is a writer penning skillfully
a image of reality with his life.
We all have our own stories to tell,
Lord God if you’ve got the time.

And reality?
That is a backdrop, a waking dream—
a misty muse from which
we all draw inspiration.
It’s truest image, shape and form
is not told by one individual,
by a single country or group
or even by any single species.
Reality on our little blue dot in the sky
is the sum of all of our stories put together
and of the hidden stories
of our Earth Mother, and the bright Sun
and of the quiet stories
of clouds, the wind, the moon
and star filled night skies.

Dewey Dirks

Grown Up

Grown Up

Humans are an infant species
when compared to the
hundred of millions of years
some species have been
around Mother Earth.
Look at all that we have learned
in the two-hundred thousand years
modern humans have been on the planet.
Likewise, we’ve only had civilizations
for around eighty-five hundred years.
How much more do you imagine
we might learn after we’ve been around
six or eight million years like the whales?

Mother Earth, who, in all probability, is alive
has been around for about
four and a half billion years.
How much do you imagine she’s
happened to learn?
The Universe, in all likelihood, also alive
has been around for at least
thirteen and a half billion years.
Imagine what wonders
she might have learned
in all that time—

Before you despair
the state of Mankind
remember we’ve only begun
our long travels in the halls of time.
Personally, I think we are
destined for great things
once we’ve grown up a bit.

Dewey Dirks