>If things were perfect….


Perfection of anything is an illusion. No one and no situation is ever ‘perfect.’ Strive for a life that is very, very good, but not perfect.  Perfection is a goal to be striven for but never attained and the desire to be a perfectionist is not very compatible with being a fulfilled person.  You gotta learn that nothing that involves more than one person ever turns out exactly like you plan for, and you have to learn to be happy with the idea that things may turn out good or better but never perfect.

>If you’re thirty or forty…

>You’re fooling yourself if you’re 30 or 40 years old or even 60 or 70 and you think you know what you’ve amounted to in life.  The worth of a lifetime isn’t decided until many, many years after each of us has passed on and someone says, “You know, your Grandma used to say…” or “You know, your uncle used to do this….”  And if you’re 30,  or 40 and you’ve had a few failures and setbacks, don’t sweat it.  EVERYONE has had a few setbacks.  What matters is what you with you do with yourself in spite of your failures and setbacks.

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>Spend time every day…

>Spend at least two hours every day doing each of these three things—-Be productive. Work at something you want to accomplish. It can be your job, a project you want to finish or a goal you hope to achieve. Next, entertain yourself.  All work and no play leads to very dull life.  You HAVE to spend time every day doing something you really, really enjoy.  Third, spend time every day talking to someone you love.  The love between people is something that is meant to be indulged, and a good conversation with somebody you love is one of the nicest things life on Earth has to offer.  

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>You just can’t please all of them…

>If a politician wins 55 percent of a vote they call it a landslide but there’s still 45 percent of the people who disagree with him.  In your interactions with people around you—co-workers, family, and friends, you probably also rate around  55 percent approval.  Realize the truth of the idea that you can’t please everyone all of the time and you’ll lead a happier, more focused life….