The greatest challenge
every person faces in life
isn’t about how many things
he can accumulate
or how much knowledge
he can amass.
It’s about how well
he treats his fellow humans
and how well he treats
the animals we share
our planet with.

The great question
before all mankind
is how to co-exist
with the rest of nature
while seeing to the welfare
of all the members
of our own kind
without destroying
our biosphere.

We are a very young species
just learning how to walk
The challenge, my friends
Is how to travel
long and peacefully through
the halls of life
without wrecking mayhem
along the path
and tripping
over our own two feet
all the time.

The idea that many of us
must suffer through life
so that a few don’t
is a fools answer
to the challenge.

Dewey Dirks


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Awakening To Kindness

Awakening to Kindness

Have you seen all
those videos on the web
of animals of different species
being kind to each other?
—A grizzly bear and wolf
who help each other hunt,
Dolphins making friends
with dogs and cats.
House cats taking baby rabbits
and baby chicks into their litters,
dogs nursing baby pigs,
and gorillas and chimps
keeping pets like humans do?

It seems to many that something
new is up in all the world,
that perhaps there has been
a recent increase in compassion
in all of nature.

I think that things like these
have been happening all along,
and people in cultures close to nature
have long known about it
but it is only now that people
in big industrial societies
are re-awakening to the fact.

We have too long been fooled
by the view that nature
is something dangerous
and that humans
must somehow conquer
the very biosphere that
birthed us.
In making war on Mother Nature
we seek to attack
she who nurtures us still.

The truth of the matter
is that there is more
kindness and compassion
distributed throughout
all nature
than any man
has ever happened to notice.

Dewey Dirks

Open Wings and Indulge in Wonder

Indulge in Wonder

Opened Wings

Returning to Yourself

Returning to Yourself

As you return to yourself
you realize a few things.
First, you have something iridescent,
indivisible, and eternal within you—
A brilliant blue spark of life
that makes you into you
and that spark is something pretty special.
Second, you realize that
everything alive everywhere
carry similar sparks within them
that are just as special.

Don’t pretend to know what the divine is
when you don’t have any idea what you are.
Look around yourself,
and look around the world
until you discover the discontent
that runs deep in your being
urging you to strive.
Explore until you discover
the great ocean of love and compassion
that runs in you deeper still.
Look around until you find
the wondrous mystery
that permeates all you look upon
and everything you never see.

Remember friend, you can create
out of dissatisfaction.
You can create out of the love of creation,
and you can create to explore the endless seas.
Remember always that creation is the point
where right-here-and-right-now
meets with fantasy.

Dewey Dirks

Be An Ocean

Be An Ocean

Be an ocean,
my friend.
Be both gentle
and strong.
Let your words
and deeds
be nurturing
—a cleansing bath,
with touch easy
and true,
yet be ready
to be the storm
when comes time
to clean house.

Be tender,
be patient,
letting things
in their
own time,
yet be ready
to take
the initiative
when others
lag behind.

Be simple
as water
made only
of three atoms
yet within you,
carry the supple
springs of life.
Be an ocean,
my friend,
both gentle
and strong.

Be as deep as all
the rolling seas
that within
your being
you keep
a vast cosmos
of ideas, emotions
and ideals alive.
Be an ocean,
my friend,
both gentle
and strong.

Dewey Dirks