Two as One

Two as One

When two people fall in love
It doesn’t always mean
That they will end up living together
For the rest of their lives
It doesn’t always mean
Everything will be wine and roses
From there on in
It doesn’t always mean that
They will never love any others
Besides just them

When two people begin to touch souls
And the deep blue rivers of a true love
Start to flow between their hearts
It doesn’t mean a lot of things
That some people suppose it means
What it does always mean
Is that something very special will happen
And nothing for either of them
Will be ever the same after that

It also means that if they are really meant
To be two traveling through life as one
The Universe itself could not, would not
Keep them apart past the time
The are supposed to be together

Dewey Dirks


Path to a Spectacular Life

Path to a Spectacular Life

If you want to live a spectacular life
Then live each day as well as you can
To the best of your ability at the time
And pretty soon ten years will have passed
Full of good days

As each day passes
Make sure to stop and notice
All that is beautiful
In what is going on around you
Although sometimes is hard to see,
Mother Nature weaves much that is kind
Compassionate and caring into all life
Every single day

If you have a dream in life
Then break it down into many small parts
And each day work at it for a little while
Virtually anything can be accomplished
If you work at it in many small pieces
A little bit at a time

Make sure to talk every day
To someone in your life
About whom you care very much
Even if the only one you can find to talk to
Is Mother Nature herself
Or someone you love who has passed on

Dewey Dirks