300 Million Americans

Drug Culture

In order for humanity to truly discover our nature we need to look at ourselves critically and notice not only the height of our strengths but also the abyss of our weaknesses. — The Questioning Way

Smarter than a Mouse?

Seems to me that if a Parakeet and a Mouse can figure out how to befriend each other and share, people ought to be able to figure out how to stop shooting at each each other and settle differences peacefully. Aren’t we supposed to be smarter than birds and rodents?

Rock Star

I Wanna Be A Rock Star—

Met a young kid once
who wanted to be a big time musician.
Wanted to make wonderful sounds.
Wanted all the money that goes along with it.
Wanted all the fame.
I told him, “Lotta people dream of the good life.
Lotta people dream of money and fortune and fame.
Often they are the ones who also like to say,
‘If only things were different
I’d be happy
If only I had the time to do what I want
If only I had a little more talent
If only I looked a bit different
If only life smiled my way.’”
Told him, “You are who you are.
Nothing is going to change that.
And everything can’t be rosy at every turn
because living is a challenge and that’s a fact.
But you’ve got all that you need
to get what you want out of life.
You gotta believe in yourself
enough to try a few things.
You’ll be surprised to find
how much of life turns your way.
The secret to success
has a lot to do with faith in yourself.
When you look in the mirror
you need to see a star shining bright
before you can be a star to everyone else.
You gotta find what is good in yourself
before everyone else will see the good in you.”

Dewey Dirks