We All Know

We All Know

Anything that becomes too destructive
becomes self-destructive.
Respect everyone
including those who disagree with you.

The people of this earth
know better than our leaders
It’s not right for humans
to kill each other
over little pieces of paper
and chunks of land

Greed is irrational
and breeds like a disease
Not proper for humans
to enslave each other
for the money it takes
to get a bigger house
and a nicer car.

The people of this earth
know better than our leaders
it’s time to set things right
Time to create a better world

All our religions teach us to love each other
Our science gave us the internet
Now we all are talking to each other
Time to Occupy Earth
We all know
What we need to do

Our leaders are caught
in the last century
telling us to kill each other
but we all know it’s no good
We all know
there are better things to do
We all have families to raise
Children who need love
Friends asking for time to spend
We all know everyone else
Loves their children
Just like we do

It’s time, it’s time
to build a better world
Time to Occupy Earth
Time to teach our leaders
how to be decent people
Time to Occupy Earth
and build a better world
We all know
what we need to do

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011

Happy To Be Human

Happy to be Human

Believe in Gods or don’t
If Gods exist
They are kind and wise
And will understand
If you doubt a great mystery

Believe in the ideals you choose
Don’t hold against others their beliefs
You might not agree with a man
But you can still respect him
One of the great freedoms of humanity
Is that we each can think
Whatever we want to think

Show all the compassion you can muster
Give it to all whom you can
Ask for nothing in return
The more you freely give
The more that will return to you
Remember, the greatest compassion
Is showing kindness to someone
Who cannot possibly give
Anything back to you

Believe in yourself
You gotta find love in yourself
Before others will find love in you

Believe in your chosen mate
If there’s any love there at all
They’ll be believing in you
Take care to return the faith and favor

Happy to be human
Breathe, hope, love,
Wonder, laugh, cry, strive
Believe in whatever you strive for
Because that is the human thing to do
Touch the humanity in others
And their humanity will reach out
To touch you

Believe in life,
Believe in your mind
Believe in your soul
Believe in your heart
Believe in the hearts
Of those who touch you
You’re reading these words
Because being human is a gift
That life has given to you

Dewey Dirks copyright 2011

Dangerous World

Dangerous World

I walked down to the park
just the other day.
It wasn’t very cloudy outside
and the sun was shining high
in the bright June sky.
I stopped to chat awhile
with a guy who looked pretty worried.

I said, “Hey there dude!
What’s troubling you?
He said, “My God! Don’t you see the news every day?
The world is a dangerous, dangerous place!
He said, “I got back from New York just last summer.
There were so many crusty lookin’ people!
The place scared the livin’ shit out of me!
He looked around quickly, then continued on.
He said, “I got so worried,
I bought three extra boxes of bullets
for my gun just before I left town!”

I said, “Well, I agree there’s some dangerous places
in this old world.
There’s war zones in a few countries
and there’s places like the Sudan
where complete chaos reigns.
There’s always been places like that
and there probably always will be.
But maybe you ought ask yourself
how many bullets you actually used
when you shot your way out of downtown Manhattan?

He looked at me surprised,
“None,” he said
“And how many bullets
do you think you’ll actually use today
when you shoot your way home from the grocery store?” I asked
“None.” he said

He thought for a minute
then he chuckled a little and said,
“You know, all those boxes of bullets I bought in New York
have been sitting in the back of my closet unopened
goin’ on eight months now.
They’re right beside a couple of unopened boxes
I bought two years ago in May

And how many bullets
do you think you’ll probably use
by the end of the next month
as you shoot your way to work every day?” I asked
“Not a damn one,” he grinned.
I smiled back,“Well, it sounds to me
like the only place you ever go
where there’s piles and plies of bullets
is the back of your closet.
And even there, there is really no need.”

So many people lookin’ for monsters
under every rock.
So many cops with their hand on their guns
every time they stop some old lady
for drivin’ forty miles per hour in a thirty-five zone.
So many people go through their lives
every day always worried
somethin’ bad is gonna happen in the next five seconds.
Every night they go to sleep worried.
Every day they wake up scared of their own shadow.
Eighty years go by
and they become worried old men and women
Maybe by the time they’re eighty-one
they’ll figure out
it’s far better to pay close attention to your everyday life
than it is to pay close attention to your anxiety.

Dewey Dirks—copyright 2009