I See You Now

I See You Now

When we were young
we used to say to each other
that when you die
your soul goes back
to the Summerlands
to live with the Earth Mother
in the rocks, the sky, and clouds
and the leafy green trees.
Now, we both knew to believe that
but back then they were
only so many words
we told each other
around the table
to comfort ourselves
the loss of our loved ones.
Until today…

Today I saw you there
lingering in the pearlescent light
of the sun coming
through the window.
You filled the room
with a love song
and I filled the room
with tears of joy.

I walked outside
and I heard your voice
in the gusty wind
rustling through the trees.
You were there
waiting to meet me.
I heard your laugh,
I heard your lilting voice,
saw you raise your colors,
heard your rebel creed,
and yes, the tears
of your sorrow too—
all part of white spring clouds
and the deep blue sky
all around me.

They say each soul
is a limitless eternity,
that in life we each
condense like drops of water
into the confines of our bodies,
and that when we die,
we cross the blue doorway
to become once again,
part of the timeless time
of boundless infinity.

In the darkness
we traveled through
you taught me how to see
the unfeigned shine
of the sun, the moon,
and the stars filling the skies
with the breath of light.
Now I know how to look
and I see you now,
as you once and always were.
A single drop in a vast ocean
and the whole ocean itself,
singing the songs of life
along with all eternity.

Dewey Dirks

The Four Quests

The Four Quests

All of human endeavor
All the things we do
All the ways we act
All the things we make
Al the things we think
All the things we say
All the things we feel
All the things we don’t say
Can all be gathered into efforts
To satisfy four quests

We strive
To increase our adaptability
To the ceaseless change
In the environment

We quest to find beauty
In ourselves and in the world,

We seek to increase
Our awareness and understanding
Of the Universe around us,

Or the things we do
Are an expression of love
Or a request for love

Now, beauty is only an auspicious
Arrangement of Nature
And adaptability
Is just the knack
Of making auspicious things
Endure through time

And what are understanding
And auspicious arrangements of Nature?
Well, that is what love is—
That and something we each need to feel
That extends far, far beyond
The conveyance of any words

Dewey Dirks

Small Happenings

Small Happenings

Amanda was a young woman,
Very petite and very pretty
Tending bar down at the Inn
Long blond hair and kind words
With a sincere smile
And an honest way about her

I watched her carry ice in from the back
In two five gallon buckets
After she was finished
I said, “You know, you’re the first
Person I’ve seen in quite some time
Who didn’t make that ice
Look like it was heavy.
And you’re just a tiny thing.”
She smiled back and said,
“I study the martial arts
And I’m very strong but it fools people,
‘Cause I’m not very big”

As she turned to help another customer,
I watched her move with the grace
Of a forest cat, lithe and free,
And I thought of tnt—
Which is much force in a little package,
Of swallows who are very small birds
Yet every year fly many thousand of miles
To journey between distant continents
With great strength of wing,
And I thought of how the greatest portions
Of love in life are always found
In the smallest of happenings

Dewey Dirks



If you intend to manifest anything at all
You need to remember four things;
That you are breathing,
That the place
In which you dwell is very big,
That there are many others here with you,
And that all things are one thing
And ten-thousand things
At the very same time

You also need to remember
That your conscious mind
Knows what you really want to happen
Only about half of the time
But your spirit always knows
What you really want and need all of the time
And your spirit is the only thing about you
That is powerful enough
To manifest anything at all

You also need to remember
That while all you need
Is already inside of you
And you need to look no further than
What dwells within,
Manifesting anything is always
An interaction between you and the Universe
And always represents an agreement
Between you and Life itself
The Universe is all around you
And all inside of you at the same time

Manifesting is much more
Than just wishing very hard,
It is you reaching deep inside yourself
To touch your soul
And your soul reaching out
To touch all Life

What happens to you, my friend,
All that you encounter,
All that you see and all that you do
Are dances you dance
With Life itself

Dewey Dirks