A Sort of Love

A Sort of Love

There is a sort of love
With an interweaving of souls so strong
That it is unbreakable and knows no end
With roots running so deep
That it can reach beyond the valleys of death
And can find a way through the abyss of any sorrow
Whose branches reach so high
It can cuddle among the farthest stars at night
And touch the midday sun shining bright at noon

It can fly among all the clouds of Mother Earth
And can dance with every raindrop
Bringing supple, life giving water
To every creature and all plants
That grow in rich, brown soil

There is a sort of love
That creates a tender embrace between hearts
Reaching beyond the never ending eons
To wander together and wonder and rest
Far past the ends of time

Dewey Dirks

The Phone Call

The Phone Call

Tomorrow it will have been exactly one year
since Laino passed on.
She and I always used to make a trip
across town twice a month
to the Native American smoke shop to buy cigarettes.
It was always an errand we made together
and we always had a lot of fun on the ride.
Over the years I came to enjoy it very much
as it was time we could spend together,
make a lot of jokes about all kinds of ridiculous stuff
and generally have a very good time.

Now that Laino is gone, I still make
the trip twice a month and I always think of her
on the way remembering
all the good times passed that we had together.
My memories of our smoke shop trip’s
are so vivid it always seems like she’s still there
in the car beside me talking to me
eyes sparkling with a happy smile.

Yesterday, I ran the errand thinking
of Laino all the while.
When I got home, I walked into the house
and put the bag of cigarettes on the kitchen table.
I fished my phone out of my pocket, still thinking
of Laino and the errand I’d just got back from.
I looked down at the phone suddenly astounded
because apparently the coins in my pocket had pushed
the phone touchscreen in such a way that
Lainos name and phone number were up on the display
as though she had just made a call to me from the Summerlands
to say with a smile “Hi baby! Here I am! :).”

I sat at down at the table, still looking at the phone screen
and thought of some lyrics in that song
from the seventies by Kansas, ‘Miracles out of Nowhere,’
— “It’s so simple right before your eyes
If you’ll look through this disguise
It’s always here, it’s always there
It’s just love and miracles out of nowhere.”

Dewey Dirks

Glob Glue

Glob Glue

Every time day-to-day
troubles try to pull
me away from you,
sweet Nature
brings me a few memories
that make me feel anew
the lifeline between us
where sadness, and joy,
and our souls intertwine
to make a bond
beyond life and death
that can never be broken.

Once, a wise man
called it ‘The bridge
across forever.”
You and I, very happy
to see the fun in all things,
stuck our tongues
out at each other,
and called it “Glob glue”

Dewey Dirks

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Not Anymore

Not Anymore

My baby
has been passed on
two months now,
and, I think,
it’s only been
in the last few days
that it has really began
to sink in.
She’s not coming back

I’ll never again look up
from the computer
to see her grin hello
as she walks in the door.
We’ll never again
have long talks
at the table
over hot coffee and tea,
no, not anymore.
Never again
to hear the smile
in her voice.
Never again
to feel the gentle touch
of her hand.
Never again will
we be outside and notice
the full moon up there
in the sky at night.
No, never again.
Not anymore.

No more errands
together joking
and laughing at
the signs as we
drive across town.
No more
of all the small things
that she always did
to brighten my day.
No more cuddles
in the afternoon,
and again
late at night.
No more kisses
No more I love you’s
lilting like the notes
of a song from her lips.
Never again.
Not from Laino,
no, not anymore.

Her soul
has been to visit often
of this I’m sure,
but I am greedy
for her touch
not only in eternity
beyond the blue veil,
but here in this world too.
And here, alone at the table
I take a drag on my cigarette
and reach for her deep
in my heart,
only to find
a gaping hole there.
She’s not coming back.
No, not anymore.

Dewey Dirks