Sun and Hurricanes

Sun and Hurricanes

Sometimes the way
is gonna be hard and rough
no matter which way you go.
Times when taking a shortcut
only means exchanging
one hard line for another.

Some problems are lodged
in the past for you
to muddle over when it’s quiet.
Other problems are right
in front of you
for you to struggle with now.

It’s true you cannot
change the past
but you can change
the way you look upon it
and sometimes the only way
to get through the present
is to alter the way you look at it.
When the way is hardest,
the freedom you have to create
a different view for yourself
can be the only thing
that will carry you
through sometimes.
The freedom to change
your point of view
can be magic if you let it be.

They say contrast
deepens most everything.
Everyone has
their share of chaos inside
and every life runs
into its fair share of storms.
One consolation of trouble
is that without all the
howling winds and two-by-fours
flying by you from time to time
whatever kindness you
happen into along the way
would seem hollow
and the beauty and grace
you come across
would only be as so much wallpaper.

For some,
who have happened to notice
the universe looking back at them,
no matter what goes on after that
if they take pause, they can feel
the gentle touch of grace in the air,
the creativity they feel in their veins
becomes the kind hand of life
touching their mind and heart
and the full breadth events
they see in all the world around
becomes part of the soul of life itself.

Life would not be the life
we each live without both
bright August suns
and terrible hurricanes.
Most often,
what you happen to see
depends on where
you choose to stand.

Dewey Dirks


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