Touching Souls

Touching Souls

One of the characteristics
of most humans is that they
ordinarily are quite reserved
of themselves when they meet new people.
They put on their best public
face and put their best foot forward.
Only rarely do they place their heart
on their sleeves and tell what is
in their soul and really on their mind,
speaking little of their real worries
hopes and dreams.

When two people are alone together
and tell each other what is really
on their minds and in their hearts,
their souls gently touch.
What is divine in each of them
gives the other a sacred
piece of themselves
and an unbreakable connection
between them is forged.
Ordinarily, people only share
of themselves in this way
a few times in their lifetime,
with their very best, very closest friends
and with whom they fall in love.

Try, my friend, for one month wearing
your heart and soul on your sleeves.
Show who you really are to the next
three people you meet.
You will find giving of yourself
in this way is an extremely powerful
emotional experience
and after you’ve done it a few times
it becomes addicting
in the best possible sense of the word.
When two people touch souls, they are compelled
to empathize deeply with each other
and look upon each other forever after
as one of their closest confidants.
If everyone shared of themselves in this manner
with just three new acquaintances each year
and then looked upon as friends,
the friends of their new-found confidants
soon everyone in the world would find
they could not bring themselves
to harm one another because
of the new-found compassion
between everyone.

Dewey Dirks


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